5 careers to pursue with a Master of International Business degree (2024)

An internationally-focused business education is a gateway to many careers that allow you to manage a company globally. Depending on your interests or career goals, you could pursue management roles in marketing, finance, sales, management, or even human resources. FIU’s graduates have had success in industries like aviation, logistics, retail, technology, government, tourism and hospitality.

According to Payscale.com, some of the highest-paying careers pursued by those with aMaster of International Business(MIB) are:

  1. International Marketing Manager
  2. Global Sourcing Manager
  3. Business Development Director
  4. Director of Sales
  5. Global Product Manager

At the heart of a Master of International Business program, is learning how to successfully manage a business abroad, including working with those from a different culture. This knowledge allows you to play a crucial role in various departments within a company, broadening your career options.

1. International Marketing Manager - Average Salary: $75,000

Developing a global marketing strategy without prior knowledge about international markets is difficult. Balancing a message that resonates with different cultures, plus handling a budget that includes international markets is vital to the success of a marketing campaign. You will also manage international contracts, market research, pricing strategies and lead generation.

2. Global Sourcing Manager - Average Salary: $97,000

Global sourcing managers monitor the global supply chain and inventory for all products. They manage contracts, help reduce costs, monitor their team and processes for efficiency and foster relationships with all vendors and suppliers. Fluency with at least one language other than English is generally needed. An understanding of different cultures and excellent interpersonal skills are also crucial.

3. Director of Sales - Average Salary: $90,000

A director of sales or director of international sales must stay current with international markets. They develop sales goals, build strategic plans, assess the competitive landscape and prepare reports that all reflect the foreign markets their company is active in.

4. Business Development Director - Average Salary: $103,000

As a business development director, you will focus on establishing new partnerships and increasing sales from existing accounts. A relationship-building role requires you to not only know your business very well but your clients. If your company has clients abroad or interested in expanding abroad, it’s crucial to have someone knowledgeable in handling foreign relationships.

5. Global Product Manager - Average Salary: $111,000

Lastly, a global product manager is responsible for ensuring the success of various products in new and emerging global markets. This position requires monitoring international market trends, tracking competitors’ products and putting strategies in place to promote growth.

Key takeaways

Although not limited to these specific roles, a Master of International Business program provides you the knowledge and skills necessary to grow a business and successfully compete on a global level. Each department in a company will have a professional educated in international business because it plays a vital role.

If you're interested in learning more about earning a Master of International Business, you can attend aninformation session online or in person.

5 careers to pursue with a Master of International Business degree (2024)
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